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Single Leg Plan is the first and foremost Product based online company with 100% team business activities. It is a very much novel and different in its own way.

The founders of the company with new vast business experience skills, expertise, intelligence, dynamisms, temperament and techniques determined to present you a system, which gives an instant success.

These platform designed for those who are struggling in Network Industry for a long time and have earning a lot of teams but no income from them. Here we are with a unique and automatic working business idea that will give all the associates same opportunity to earn from Single Company Team.

That is our SINGLE LEG PLAN. This plan works like a queue of members signing up our registration form. They Activate their account by giving a very little amount and then we provide them a very big income by entering into different levels automatically.

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High investment return with our investment plan. Fully automated payouts

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Easy to use interface for both new and experienced investors. We are always there to help you.


100% Uptime with zero chance for a transaction to fail. HTTPS powered website with SSL security and DDoS protection.

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Want relief from the high transaction fees? Choose us to get the privilege of a low transaction fee.